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Ready to plan your trip full of cliff jumping, stargazing, and marveling over the perfect blueness of the deepest lake in the western hemisphere? We got you. 

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Whether you're from looking for a sweet day trip from Portland or passing through en route to Redwood National Park, we got you. 

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Car camping

Love immersing yourself in the outdoors? Got a travel timeline bigger than your budget? We're not here to judge! 

1. Plan your campsite

Mazama Campground: $15 / night. Reserve here. 

Lost Lake Campground: $15 / night. First-come-first-serve. Find out if spots are still available by asking the visitor center when you arrive. 

Backcountry: Little more experienced? Apply for a backcountry permit here. 

Backup Plan: Private campgrounds outside the park for $__ / night. Not the best location, but during peak season, they might be your only option. 

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Who said roughing it is required for a good adventure? 

Step 1. Reserve Early! 

Premium: There's only one lodge within the park, and it fills up fast (especially during peak season, March – September). Rooms go for $__ / night and can be reserved here. 

Fun Alternatives: Rent a bungalow! You can glamp right outside the park in a private bungalow. The two towns bordering the park are about 30 minutes from the park entrance. To stay as close to the park as possible, we suggest ____ for $__ / night. To stay near town, ____ for $__ / night. 

Family Style: Need a shower? Someone in your family isn't tough enough to camp, but you're trying to save money? Stay here for $ __ / night.