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Photo + Video + Editing Tutorials

Not sure where to start? Check out my Udemy course, the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Outdoor Photography. This comprehensive photographycourse is over 9 hours of brand new content on shooting nature + urban photos, editing in Lightroom, marketing your work online, and more. I think you'll enjoy it!

Not a fan of staring at screens? I also do workshops and private lessons in NYC! Shoot me an email inquiring for details!    

Food Photography for Beginners

I teamed up with foodstagrammer, EatingNYC, to teach you the basics of food photography! We cover popular food angles, DSLR vs iPhone, editing techniques, and more. Let your food get cold and start shooting!

Landscape Photography for Beginners + Intermediates

Learn to shoot + edit awesome landscape/nature photos with this tutorial! This video starts by covering beginner concepts like composition and using your camera's manual settings. Then, I delve into intermediate processes like hyperfocal distance and using adjustment brushes in Lightroom to balance out overexposed skies. 

Panning Photography for Beginners

Learn how to shoot stunning action photos with this panning tutorial! Panning is awesome because you can do this with any camera that has manual settings.

Making Cool Titles in Photoshop

A tutorial on making animated title sequences in photoshop for iMovie, Premiere, or any editing software you use. This is for intermediate photoshop users. 

Shooting + Editing Action Sequence Photography

A tutorial on shooting sequences and stitching them together in Photoshop. This one's for people with a little bit of Photoshop experience. This is for intermediate photoshop users. 

Star Photography for Beginners (Astrophotography)

An astrophotography tutorial for beginners, covering the necessary equipment, best locations, manual camera settings, editing in Lightroom, and more. 

Floating Skateboard Effect

An easy Photoshop tutorial showing you how to make an awesome floating effect in your videos. 

Panorama Photography

A simple DSLR panorama photography tutorial that walks you through shooting, editing, and posting your shots on Instagram using the new carousel feature.

Photoshop and Lightroom for Beginners

Ever wanted to use Photoshop and/or Lightroom but not sure where to start? This tutorial is for you.

Long Exposure Photography

A simple long exposure tutorial for beginner photographers.

Daytime Long Exposure Photography (10 Stop Neutral Density Filter)

Already mastered long exposures and want to take them to the next level? With a 10 stop ND filter, you can shoot long exposures DURING THE DAY! Get ready to take some jaw dropping shots

Skateboarding Photography

Want to shoot skateboarding but not sure how? You're in luck because this tutorial is for beginners! 

360 Panorama Tutorial (For iPhones)

Don't have a camera? Here's a simple tutorial on taking beautiful 360 panoramas with your iPhone.

Street Photography

Learn to shoot gorgeous street + candid photography with this tutorial.

Bokeh Photography

A simple bokeh photography tutorial for beginner photographers.

Getting Started in Photography

This video is about how I started photography and how you can do the same. Learn about getting inspired, finding new tutorials, and the best equipment.

Picking the Perfect Lens

If you're ready to buy a new lens, this video is for you. I go over every step of the buying process – picking the type of lens, the brand, and the exact lens that's right for you. I also unbox my new Canon 200mm f2.8 telephoto lens and explain how I chose it. 

What should my next tutorial be? 

Should I make more Photoshop/Lightroom/iMovie/anything tutorials? What should they be on? Shoot me an email with some feedback!